Two weeks ago as we drove down the Wakulla Cutoff through the lush jungle of the Florida panhandle along the Gulf Coast, we had to slow down to let an alligator cross the road. Maggie and I had just played a new folk festival at a winery in Interlachen, Florida, and we were exhausted. (Falling off a ladder last month didn't help my energy level) This has been a busy season for us. We're just now home from playing the Florida Folk Festival over the Memorial Weekend in White Springs. Three nights of great song circles at our camp (people call it Mudville) with amazing singer/songwriters dropping by from early evening to just before daybreak to share songs. That's the reason most of us play these smaller festivals. It's not for the money, but for the chance to do something very rare for touring musicians. It gives us a chance to listen and to share. On the road there is never time to stop along the way to hear others. Maggie and I arranged a trip out West a year or so ago that allowed us to catch Johnny Clegg in concert in Albuquerque, but that was a rare event. So folk festivals are like a family reunion. Everyone brings out their latest songs, food and drink are passed around and the party never ends. Maggie's birthday was May 25th and we made it a three-day party. Friday night on the mainstage at The Amphitheater, the headliners, Jubal's Kin, began their concert by leading a few thousand people in a grand version of Happy Birthday for Maggie. That was sweet. So, now we're home to welcome the next singer/songwriter to our own twice-weekly concert series in the panhandle, then we have an opportunity to play the two ourselves before heading out on the road again. That will also be the week of our 41st wedding anniversary, so that'll be cool. Wish you could all join us. It's an incredible line-up and we've already booked it into the Fall. Pierce Pettis will be here to play our 4th of July show and the other talent is just as amazing. The local newspaper and television have each done a special on the shows recently and that should help. It takes a long time to create something like this, and that's the only worry. Maggie and I book the hall, pay the musicians and provide PA at both locations about 60 miles apart. It's been a very exciting adventure. Sitting here now with my first cup of coffee back in my own home, wanting to sleep for a week but that ain't gonna happen, so I thought I'd just pen this to get it out, and to think a little about this music thing that has sustained me for 65 years so far. Life is good. Mike
From Ireland in November to Texas in June, Mud is on the move. We're hittin' the road and spreadin' the Mud. Check out our calendar for a show near you. Bring 3 friends, hell, bring 1 enemy (just for balance) and 2 bottles of Irish Whisky (good Irish Whisky) for good measure.
We've wrapped up two fantastic series of original music at the Martin Theatre in Panama City, Florida with an incredible line-up of singer/songwriters. Now, back from our 7th invitation to the Florida Folk Festival, we're starting a brand new series - bringing in the finest original music from Rebeccah Pulley (Central Florida) to the truly remarkable duet of Kamm and McDonald from Norhern California! Please check our calendar for dates this Summer.....every Sunday afternoon with an hour concert, followed by at least another hour of music, all hosted by Lucky Mud. Make plans to be there!
Lucky Mud has built a home studio at Maggie's Farm, our 7 acres, and we've named it Southern Zen studio. The title of our first CD on CD Baby is also the name of our publishing company. And that's where we've been hiding out while working on our new CD, 'Ride the Pony (tell the story). We'll be holding our next Maggie's Farm Weekend Saturday, November 1st. It'll be a costumed campout music weekend where we play lots of music while cavorting with ghosts and goblins. Two days later we'll be headed back to Western Ireland for our 5th music tour. See you there?
Beautiful days in New Brunswick....eating lots of lobsters and seeing the sights/ we spent yesterday at the Bay of Fundy, lunched on 6 pound lobsters and cold beer. We play the Moncton Seafood Festival Thursday afternoon from 5 - 7p, then Friday we'll have a bonfire here at the beach house. If you leave right now you can join us here. Mike and Maggie
We've finally done it. After an entire year of running, playing and recording new songs, we've decided to step into the next year on an adventure and see where it takes us. With high hopes for a new, progressive president and the possibility of a universal greener earth outlook we're launching Maggie's Farm. A place for music, intelligent discussion, progressive thinkers and planners for a cleaner, brighter future. Beginning with a once a month campfire, picnic, campout, musical song circle on a Saturday night we'll push it out of the nest and watch it grow together. You can spend the night (bring a tent) or just join us for the evening. Stay tuned and keep in touch for more info. Help us make a place where everyone and everyone's ideas are welcome. (No pets, please. We have a very jealous yard hound who loves to be lord and master/mistress!) More info: Contact us at and watch for e-mails if you're on our e-mail list. Check out our poster in the photo gallery!!
We're finally rested up from our re-entry into the States and a world of chaos. Lovely to be back home (despite the drought), lovely memories of our Irish friends (and "home") and an overwhelming desire to travel, play music and see the world. Life is sweet! The new CD "Karmageddon" is now a thriving "toddler" and we're already in the planning stages of the next CD. So many songs, so much to say and so many ways to say it. The Java Bar is changing hands but keeping us, so come down on Friday nights. We miss seeing some of you and we have stories to tell! Until next time..... Love, Maggie & Mike
We're writing this notefromlovely Ireland. It's beenawonderfultripandwe've made lots of new friends. We fly home on Monday and can't wait to share stories. See you soon! Maggie & Michael
Full circle time. We're playing at The Java Bar in Downtown Panama City where many years ago we began (and ran for 4 &1/2 years) the open mic night there. We met wonderful people and actually helped raise a whole group of "alternative" kids that we fell in love with. Those kids turned into incredible adults with kids of their own and we're so proud to know many of them still. So, we're back. It's the venue you always dream of. Where, with a few exceptions, people come to hear the music. Despite the cold in winter or the heat in summer (it's a covered open air patio) there are steadfast music lovers there. Where the power of words and the pull of the music is magic. We're home and we love it. Come join us Friday nights. I think you'll love it too!
Our fall season is beginning to crank up and we're excited. We took a little time off, between touring Ireland/England and making "Slippery Slope" and writing new songs, etc. to fix the roof and do some badly needed general "housekeeping". Now we're ready to roll. Hope you'll jump on the train with us as the tour begins. We're gonna burn some coal and make a lot of music. We're still booking dates, so if you have a venue or would like to have a house concert let us know. You always have a ticket with Mud, so jump on board. See you at the next station. Love, Maggie & Mike ( Greg & Janine) Lucky Mud
We've been quiet for a few weeks but very busy. We now have 2 new CD's for sale on cdbaby, Underneath The Florida Moon (all original Florida songs) and Slippery Slope (all original songs). Check them out. We had a great time at Studio 812 putting them together with our producer, Tom Hoots. We're in the groove and have enough material for another 8 cd's (at least). Scary isn't it? Still working on our 2006 Fall schedule and 2007 season. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime all of the songs from our 3 cd's are on the website. Give them a listen and let us know what you think! Talk to you soon. Love, Maggie & Mike
The Florida Folk Festival was fabulous and we can't wait until next year! What a ride. We're finally catching our breath and coming down to earth. If you've never been, you honestly don't know what you're missing. We have our camping community of "Mudville" (where there is always joy) and our good friends Art & Susan, Chris & Lynda (we missed you Jane), J-9, Felix & Lynn (we missed you Aimee & Bill) and new friends Debbie & Laura and Theresa. Life is very good. The Makley Family made quite a splash this year on mainstage (congratulations Lucindagail, Ruthanne & Emily) and our yodeling workshop (almost 100 people) was a smashing success!! All in all a great year, a great time & great friends. Join us next year (we hope)!! Love, Maggie & Mike (w/ Greg & J-9)
We got off to a rocky start with Carwfish Sally's opening late but we ended with a great day. Old friends dropping by and new friends making their debut at a Mud Show. We had a wonderful time & if you weren't there, there's always next Sunday (May 14th). As our friends in Ireland would say. we had a lovely sing song. See you soon, I hope. p.s. Key West was fabulous.
We're headed to Key West tomorrow for The Conch Republic Festival. It's a week of awesome fun. We sing, swordfight, drink (in moderation, of course) and generally have a great time. Wish you could be there. We'll drink a toast to you and all of our great friends that we've met through the years. By the way, hope you like the new pictures and if you would like to e-mail us go to Contact Info on our home page. We'd love to hear from you! Down to the Banana Republic..........
Just a short note to let everyone know that we're back in Florida. We had the most wonderful visit. We made new friends in Ireland, Scotland and Newcastle, England. What a beautiful world it is filled with fabulous, kind & unique people. We miss them already. .....Next year!!
We're in heaven and wish you were all here with us. The people are beautiful, the weather is misty, and perfect and the scenery is breathtaking. Photo's to follow.
We leave Monday, March 27th for our 3 week tour of Ireland and England (and maybe a side trip to Scotland). Our 3rd tour and our first time in the spring. Pictures will be posted as soon as we return. Can we bring you something back?

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