Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


CHORUS: She said you can call me Evangeline Or Angelina, I don't mind As long as you make the whiskey flow Then I'll be yours and you'll be mine Another rainy Tampa night I fooled around and missed my flight No real reason to get back home I drove toward the city lights Found an empty Causeway bar A lonely man in a rented car I ignored the darkness in her eyes All alone behind the bar CHORUS An hour's talking led to two She never asked me what I do She said, "I don't want to know your name And I won't fall in love with you" We walked down to the water line And she put her hand in mine Before the dark skies turned to blue I fell in love with Evangeline But I won't tell a soul about Angelina 'Cause I know just what they'd say 'Look at the man who gets Everything he wants And all he wants Is the one that got away I Said I have a plane that leaves today But I would really like to stay But the lovely Evangeline Just kissed my lips And walked away CHORUS
Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


"I graduated from Pasco High School, Dade City, Florida, not long after the storm of integration finally disrupted 200 years of shame. Most of my school days were spent before that time, when all the kids were white and the town was divided by a line that was strictly enforced. It was also a time of insane boredom, when all stores closed before dark and there was nothing for us 'good kids' to do but drink and drive, and hang out in the orange groves in a society of teenagers. it's a different world, but some things never change."


Under a yellow moon Over the orange grove Some white boys played a game Back when the Sunshine State Was still segregated And the 'Good Old Boys' Wanted it to stay that way But the Vietnam War And Brown versus the Board of Education Changed everything Yet, on that night Some white boys played A strange and dangerous game And the young girls sat On the hoods of their cars And they watched them Race on by In big Chevys and Fords And they were drinking Schlitz by the quart And they were bored Out of their minds If mommies and daddies knew What their children do In the light of a yellow moon They'd lock them away 'Til their dying day In their safe, familiar rooms It was back in the time When those young girls would simply disappear Somewhere in their Junior or Senior year And they'd come back different And they'd come back changed In another strange And dangerous game Because 'good girls' Didn't get pregnant then Without a ring on their finger And a man's last name And all the good people Would close their eyes And they'd all agree On the same damned lie Saying 'she just went to live with her Uncle John And her Aunt Marie Down in Boca Raton' And they'd fold their arms And make a wall Because all the children were good Back in the 'Good Old Days' But in the orange grove On that moonlit night As girls learned to flirt And all the boys were fighting Driving 90 miles an hour Without headlights Through the orange trees In the steamy night We all could've died so easily In a tangle of bumpers And a flame so bright Under the quiet sky But most of us lived To go to war Or get a job And settle down Live our lives And raise our children In that mean and dying town And we all learned To tell a lie To our own children About our lives And what we did On moonlit nights Back in the 'Good Old Days' But girls will be girls And boys will be boys They'll raise some hell And they'll make some noise Burn time like it was gasoline In the world we'll leave behind And they'll make love Beneath that moon Learn too late And die too soon And watch their children Slip away Just like the 'Good Old Days' When the Sunshine State Was still segregated And white boys played a game.

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