A Wealthy Man in Connemara

Lucky Mud
Michael McKinney


I fell in love with the West of Ireland many years ago. I miss it when I'm not there. This song is for John Tiernan of Murrisk Bay, and for all the wonderful people in the West.


I'm a wealthy man in Connemara

I own the hills down to the sea

The silver pools, the golden heather

Wait there in my dreams for me


So many friends in Murrisk Abbey

Lie so still now by the bay

But I can hear their ringing laughter

In my dreams so far away


CHORUS: Galway to County Mayo

Holds all I'll ever need

I'm a wealthy man in Connemara

When I'm away I'm poor indeed


I love a land that is not mine, now

My heart was stolen long ago

A stranger passing through these valleys

And along the Garavogue

Down the winding streets of Sligo

A cold sea crashing to the shore

Of a lonely beach on Achill Island

Will I see them anymore?



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