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Can't tell you how much we enjoyed your music and friendship at Will Fest. Hope to see you again real soon. Keep the music flowing, Butch and Kathy
Hi Mike & Maggie. just sitting here and listening to Wealthy man in Connemara, and really enjoying lucky 13 CD. Hope this finds you both in good health and enjoying life and music. Best regards also to Rich&John, Claire and Joe, Greg & Missey
We attended your concert at Topsail and loved it. Your music is real, authentic and down to earth. I especially loved the music about Florida. It's not about the rich and famous of Florida but the common folks trying to eek out a living in the swamp lands. About people who may not always have a job, a car, or money in the bank, but they consider themselves blessed. It's not about the man made part of Florida but the natural beauty and the land of gators, snakes, bullfrogs, rivers and hoot owls. I almost bought the CD with the rattlesnake on the cover just for the picture and story about it. But I opted for "Underneath the Florida Moon" because of the songs, including my favorite one about the North Florida Panhandle. Thanks for doing what you're doing.
Greatly respect your choices -- of the music over the "success" I am amongst a bunch of expanding songwriters here in Tallahassee, led by the Duet "Hot Tamale". Glad you are doing what you are doing. Hope to be able to come by & listen some time. Paul of Flowerland Mountains
My husband and I were getting things ready to pull out and head home the next morning from Top Sail when we took a break to see what the music was about. I have never been a fan of any country music, but Oh My! Your music is so full of honest heart felt words and the music, the sound just took hold of me. Havent been able to forget it. We only got in on a few songs and it was wonderful. Oh to be blessed to sing like that.
Awesome meeting you Saturday at Scottish Highland Games in Winter Springs, FL. Thanks for singing the beautiful ballad just for us. We have watched video you allowed us to film many many times. Love you guys, John & Judy Allmond, Apopka,FL
Good friends . Great music.
Having great fun at Roberts hall with you. Thanks for you encouraging words.
Have a great Christmas and a super 2015 Hi to Greg Missy and all the rest of the folks we know. Forecast for the 25th up here is about 43 with rain. My lawn is still green.
Very cool site! Diggin' what you do always! Inspiring and encouraging all musicians and bringing talent from all over to Roberts Hall! I have heard some great music there! Thanks!
Hey, this is Crystal. The Girl from the Seafood festival(Cynthia mother in wheelchair) Looked up your site. Music is as nice as it was in person. Nice as always to see you at the festival. Always a highlight. May catch up with yall at one of the singings near by
Please keep me informed on dates\calendar.
Will's email address is WilGiffordTLC@gmail.com. We love you guys and can't wait to see and hear you tonight at Trout Lake. Love & hugs to you both....
Thanks for all of your help at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park!
I think you guys are awesome! and I can't wait to get back to visit north florida again so we may meet again! Thanks for all you do to keep Americana alive in the land of major tourism... ciao
Love your music, will get by to see you guys soon
Cant wait to see you in Mayo in November!! We used to live in Fort Walton Beach
Just back from up at the Lookout we took you guys to. Spent the afternoon there with a bottle of wine, some cheese and good books in 72 degree sun. Now we are listening to your Pride CD . Must go over to I tunes and see if they have it yet if not we try Baby site if not buy when we get down this fall. Love the song about the Circus lady rider. Anyone we know. All the best.
I have been listening to the cd you gave me and I just have to say it is beautiful. We really enjoyed having you on the air at Kick'n 103.5 and hope you will come back soon! You guys are awesome.
I just shared some of your music with a young man named Billy Dawson, he is a local song writer and singer . He just had his first single released!. (she's hot with her hair down) Hope yall are doing good. C Gandy
just here "Holding on to the Moon" on a Saturday evening. Love it. Moose
enjoying the website. Lotsa work Mike! C u when u get back to town. Look forward to Bridget Kelly Band at Roberts Hall next Sunday - know they will rock the house! Wish I could get the word out to all those people who will miss it.
Brian was a lot of fun. See you again Sunday. Andy.
Mike & Maggie...good to see you at Royal Manor. See you down the trail at FFF
Jan Glidewell is a friend. I clicked on a Facebook page and here I am! The wife and I are (make that were) Country Western fans until they became a version of Rock and Roll! Love whet I'm hearing here! Can I buy CD's from you. My CD writer is not working.
Hi Mike Maggie Greg and all the gang at Roberts Hall. We are in Washington DC in the cold but sunny weather, Miss you guys but your music keeps us happy as we make our way back home to Nova Scotia. Looking forward to next season.
I do miss you guys. Love you both, Frank
I am NOT a witch!!!
Can't get enough of that MUD!
Hello.. Your sound is great my husband and I are a team as well. My husband JD Lewis is a Folk Singer Song Writer and hope to someday meet you www.reverbnation/jdlewis4 or www.facebook.com/jdlewisband
as an old friend of karan karlstad,who just turned me on to this site,i like it.i'm an old new jersey singer songwriter...about to move down to pine island fl...i grew up at the jersey shore the real jersey shore hanging out at the albert brothers house in waretown...hope to get down there soon...all the best win....
Great to see your website guys! Love the music playing in the background too :) Keep singing and playing so we can enjoy your music.
Love it when we see you at the highland games, had great time at the Oralando games this year.
So, Mike, when you two get to the Kansas City area, make sure you give me a heads up!
Hi M&M, G&M, J&C, and Rich and everybody we ever met in Panama City. Greetings from the Emerald Isle. Sad we wont see you this year...maybe next? Hope the trip to Canada went well. Take caare and sftay in touch. Anne is really enjoying her new status of 'Grannyhood' Granny, new Mom, Grainne and sweet baby James all doing fine. Keep the music flowing. Regards, JohnT and AnneMcG
Glad you made it to Nova Scotia. We enjoyed the get-together at Moose's and at the Top Hat also. We enjoyed the variety of music and song. You guys are unique. We'll see you in PCB during the 'snowbird' season. (¯`·._.·ns¢ävË·._.·´¯)
Glad you came to Nova Scotia. Enjoyed the get-together at Moose's and the at the Top Hat also. Enjoyed the great variety of music & song. You guys are unique. We'll see you in PCB during the 'snowbird' season. (¯`·._.·ns¢ävË·._.·´¯)
Hope to see you again this summer!
Hi you two we have a new 2012 Van and it is supplied with 6CDs of Lucky Mud. It is hevan on wheels. PS Is the tall Ships song anywhere on the net or a CD. Hi to Greg
Hi there, I so enjoyed meeting both of you along with Greg and the other and having such a terrific lunch while visiting Joe and Claire in Florida. Loved listening to all the funny stories and I will never forget the hippo that swallowed the dwarf! And "Bottle Rockets" is such a beautiful song - downloaded it as soon as I returned to Nashville. Best wishes and blessings to both in whatever you do - Mark Bryant
Jeff and I loved your music and yodeling at Barberville. We hope to see you again. Lynn
Felt blessed to hear you for a few min @ Earth Day 4.21.12. Read your bog Michael, please try juicing, recommend a "masticating" juicer, mine is made by Sunkist. Share your juice w/Ms Maggie :) Compost the pulp & grow some veggies. Hope to see you again sometime. Thank you for REAL music.
Love the website, news and updates. Can't wait to see you both at the fests! Peace, Eric Wendorf
Great to meet and hang with you guys at Willfest. Lookin' forward to listing to your music and enjoying your company again with The New 76ers.
Today we meet you at the nature preserve!! We loved your music and you were amazing!! our favorite song was West Florida Wrangler! Hope to see you again! Love, Jade, Jill, and Sarah!
Met you on the plane from Ireland, know and play with all those folks in Westport...love to come to Florida sometime...
Ireland withdrawal has set in...
Glad to run into you at the Seafood Festival - Appreciate you giving me your contact information - hope to stay in touch - Erin has loved ya'll for years - thank you sooo much for being so good to her over the years. J.
We are really glad we dropped in Gandy's your last night. First time we have ever heard ya'll and it was AWSOME!! We had a wonderful time! Hope to see ya'll at the seafood festival & if not, we wish you a very safe trip to Ireland. Have a great time & will see ya'll when you get back. We will be contacting you after the 1st of next year about that party we're wanting to have. Talk to ya'll later & take care!!
It has been may a year since I have seen the two of You & Greg, Hope You all are doing well. We missed You at Alex's wake and of course at the Stone Mountain Games.
It was great to see/hear you guys at Gandy's; was wondering if Guy Clark's "Magnolia Wind" might be on your song list ? Take care!
What a wonderful weekend. It was great to meet you, go boating with you, listen to you, and more! Cant wait to do it again. Emmy is already asking to listen to Ms. Maggie's music again!
Is there going to be a Martin Theatre concert series starting the summer of 2011? I hope so!
It was wondeful seeing you guys in Sarasota yesterday. Michael, I hope the wild parrots inspire a song. Take care and hope to see you soon.
Loved seeing and hearing you last weekend. Looking forward to the next time.
Hey you two, great music and feelings! http://www.eventim.co.uk/
Join us at Gandy's for a great night of fun, music and good friends. Mud people UNITE!!!
Great to meet you at Grant's WingDing! Enjoyed your CD's on the way home! See you soon!
Hi M&M, G&M and hello again from Murrisk , Westport, Ireland. Trying to settle back into 'a routine' after our hectic recent visit to Florida and PC in particular. Thank you for the warm welcome and hospitality and great show of Original Music at Martin Theatre. Finally, heartiest Congratulations to Maggie on her nomination of " Woman of the Year" Award by 'NOW' Bay County Chapter, PC. Well done, and well deserved. Take care, JohnT, Murrisk and AnneMcG, Ballinrobe.
Hi guys a very nice page you have here. And loads of nice Pictures. All the best from Westport, Ireland.
hey it was great to see you guys again at the place i had so much fun and you guys are the most amazing people i know thanks for taking care of all us kids all those years see you soon
Happy New Year! Best to you both, and to Greg & Missy, as well as to John T & Anne and all in Murrisk. We'll be home in mid-February, and can't wait to catch up with you. Just had a very loud and colorful New Year observance here in Frankfurt - our last one here. Less than a month, and we'll be retired and on our way home! Yippee! :-) See you soon in North Florida Panhandle! Lotsa love, Claire & Joe
Hi Mike and Maggie, Hope you got home safe from your recent trip to Ireland. We enjoyed your stay as did all your fans in Murrisk, Westport, Tourmakeady, Ballinrobe and Sligo. Happy Thanksgiving and say hello to Greg and Missey from all of us. Also 'hello' to Joe and Claire in Frankfurt and Happy Thanksgiving to them also. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. John T and Anne, Murrisk and Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
Hi Mike & Maggie - sorry we couldn't make it to Ireland to see you. Too many things going on here in Frankfurt, keeping us busy. We will be heading home to PC in Feb! Can't wait to get home, will need to get with you both for our orientation to good ol' home town life! :-) Give our best to John T, Anne, and all the lovely people in Westport/Murrisk - wish we were there with all of you. Maybe next time? Happy Thanksgiving, and see you in PC next Feb! Lots of love, Claire
I am excited to learn, and wish I had known about www.luckymudmusic.com sooner. On to bigger and better things!
We really enjoyed our private concert last evening. Perfect ending of a perfect vacation! Thanks so much. We said later - we wish the entire world could hear you sing...we're so LUCKY!!
Just took a stroll through your website. Nice pics. No wonder Van Morrison sang about the rain in so many of his songs. Have a great time on your Ireland tour. Philharmonica (HWY 19)
Hi ya'll, miss you! It has been way too long. I enjoyed the new pictures. xoxoxo j9
Hi Mike, Maggie&Greg, Great to hear you on the Internet from Emerald Coast Studio. We stayed in on a Saturday night to listen to you . 10.30pm Irish time. Great Show. Keep it going. All at John O's Pub in Ballinrobe looking forward to your visit in November. Must start working on the rest of the Venues. There may be a change of ownership at Campbells Pub by November. All is well here and really looking forward to your visit and 7th tour. Make sure to pack some fine 'Florida Sun' to help lift some of the 'doom&gloom' and bad economic news over here. Love to all our friends in Florida and see you in November. John and Anne, Murrisk and Ballinrobe, Co, Mayo, Ireland.
I finally got around to checking your website. I love it. I really like your music.
Hey! Sitting here on a chilly, rainy day in Germany, missing y'all! A look thru the photos has me looking forward to Nov, hoping to join y'all again in Ireland. Sure wish we could be there in P.C. to hang with you two, but come next year, we'll be home! Looking forward to the latest music - just the touch of home I need. Take care - miss you! Claire
It's been WAY too long since I've seen you guys. I miss jamming with you at that coffee shop in PC with Aaron and Hork and everyone. If I get a chance to road trip soon I want to come see you play somewhere. Hope things are well. I was thinking about the sink hole song that I loved so much and decided to try and find the lyrics online and discovered your site here. In case you don't remember, I was the wierd goth guy that hung out with Healstream. Take care!
What an awesome (and wet) jam we had with you both at the FFF! Thanks for invting us into your camp. It feels like we are reunited 'musical soul mates'. We 'clicked'... and that's a good thing! Take care & I hope our paths cross many times in the future. Big John (Hwy19)
I had a wonderful time makin' music beneath the stars with y'all this weekend!!! It was magical.
Heyyyy. Had fun jamming once again. Have a good time in TX and hope to see you guys soon. God Bless. Roger and Gailanne
maggie and mike - i just saw where a bass playin buddy of mine jammed with ya'll some at the FFF last weekend. my two boys and i camped across the street from ya'll at willfest about a month ago and had a nice jam time. we need to get together again. it was fun. just saw your website which is fine, might fine. - ed (guitar), parker (banjo) & casey (double bass)
Had a great time with you guys at the Mud Camp at FFF. It was more fun than a bucket of snakes. It blows me away to think that so many great musicians could sit around in the rain and sound so good.
Enjoyed playing with you guys in T-town! Sign me on the Ireland tour...I should be lurking there in Oct/Nov again:) OK, I just got back but, you know how it is!!
Great shots! Extremely informative and entertaining. By the way, I haven't forgotten the book. I had some unexpected events. I will do it as soon as I return from Alabama.
Really enjoyed meeting you at the Will McLean festival. Jamming with y'all was alot of fun. See you at FFF, Lord willing. ~Jubal's Kin
Really enjoyed meeting ya'll at the Orlando Highland Games! Even more, enjoyed singing "Glencoe" with you! Good fun makes good memories! Sue
Hey Mike & Maggie, Just took a tour through your pages again to see what's happening ...And I thought there was ground beneath my feet but you two are traveling the earth with your music in the wind. The birds are inspired...!!! Glad to hear you've go a new album in the works, till that soil and let it grow organici-like! Love you guys(gals), -Allthebest!
HI, GREAT TO MEET YOU ! ??? NICE WEB SITE, & GREAT PHOTOS ! COME ,Play & JAM at PONDEROSA !, Soon ?, I HOPE !, JAN. 16th ???? & Like to TRADE LINKS ??, B-NICE !!
It's been a while but I thought I should drop you a line. This here be Jamie friend to Mrs. McDonald. Hope your holidays were filled with joy and a happy new year to you all.
good to see you are both still keeping it real, and from the looks of the pics having a blast doing it. You both sound great and look good, best wishes for the future. Brian
Howdy! I had so much fun last weekend, Looking forward to this weekend!!!! xoxoxoxox j9
Just heard you for the first time on Michael Commins' show on Midwest Radio, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo. Great stuff - Keep it up.
Mike & Maggie - just want to say "hey!" ('specially for Maggie - southernstyle!). Can't wait to meet up with you in Westport - see you Nov 7! Love y'all! jdd & cdd
Hi Mike & Maggie, I hope you're both well? Maggie's Farm Festival sounds amazing. Wish I could be there. Perhaps if it's an annual event I could make it next year :-) I'll see you soon on your next visit here - looking forward to catching up and enjoying your music again. Love, Grá
your music is great. thank you for sharing your talent.
Hi Mike &Magie and Greg.Finally got back from our 8 week round the world trip. Winter in Australia and sweltering in SF and NY. Delighted to hear you're coming back to Ireland in November for your 5th Tour. Must get working on some of the usual 'gigs' soon. Everyone sends their love and looking forward to hearing Lucky Mud 'live' again in co. Mayo and sligo, and perhaps, Galway. JohnT and Anne McGrath.
Mike and Maggie really hope you guys enjoyed the east coast. Verdict is in from your seafood festival gig, hurry up and come back!!! The orgainizer told me the comments were exceptional!!! Great Job. PS Jarred sold your CD LOL and wants another copy, suppose he will be able to take care of Dad in his old age.
What an absolute pleasure it was to meet and spend time with you on your first visit to Canada! Hopefully we will meet again someday...and sip on some Mojito's..people you know come and go but friends are with you for a lifetime. xoxo
hope you folks made it safe, can't wait to see the big Shediac lobster on your website, trailer trash acadians, have a good day
We're off to Canada on the 17th of August and would love to hear from our Canadian friends. E-mail us at maggie@luckymudmusic.com We would love to see you guys. We'll be in Shediac the entire week. Let's make plans to meet up. Maggie & Mike Lucky Mud
Hi Mike and Maggie Tony and I really enjoyed meeting you last night. We look forward to seeing more of you at strange brew soon. cheers, Katherine
Funny, i was in a group called lUCKY MUD IN 73 With Ken Corday..Executive producer of Days of our lives, Jerry Miller from Moby Grape, Angelo Rossi and Jan Garfinkle of Finis Tasby. Great name but it aint the mud i worked with. Cheers. I did enjoy the soundbytes.
HEY! Finally got a chance to check out your website. --of course, we have been a little busy of late. Glad we got to spend some time together at Tallahassee. Wish it were more. Love you guys.
We were rambling around Scotland last week wishing we had brought our Mud & Tinker CDs as we cruised by lochs, glens, firths and bens. Our mistake, but we did think of you often especially as we were visiting the Oban Distillery in Oban (of all places), the island of Mull, and the memorial/monument in Glen Coe. Hurry up and come over to visit!
I really enjoyed meeting you last month with Tamisa, thanks for making me feel like part of the family already. It was beautiful watching you two together and hearing the new songs.
Great web site, love the beer drinking music. Can't wait to see you guys on the East Coast of Canada, your going to love it and "Moncton/Shediac" music fans are going to love you guys !!!! I'll have the Lobster and cold Alpine waiting !! Aug 17th - 24th
Your music brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. You all are wonderful.
Can't wait to see you all in Tallahassee
Ahoy Maggie & Mike! We seem to keep missing you by a couple of hours to a few days. We'll try to catch you Saturday at the Panama City Highland Games. Sherene has had heart surgery and needs a Lucky Mud energy boost. Great website I wish I had known about it sooner. Sherene has been trying to find out your show dates for a long time. Do you have anywhere we can send you some pictures? Best of luck and many years of health and Happiness to you both. Your Forever Friends, Russ & Sherene
Glade to met you at the Chinese New Year Festival on Feb 23. Great music great people!
We met you while living in Key West a couple times and had a grand time! Love the website. We are back home living in Charleston SC now. What are the chances of an appearance in the low country? Keep up the great work. Hi to Greg! Annie & Capt. Buddy
having a family reunion in Glen Garriff in october.. heard from someone in england that this place existed ..family is looking forward to coming there ,Dont know if related but grandfather was from there ..Hope you have alot of T shirts .. Thanks .. Phil from Chicago
Can't wait to hear you at the Chinese New Year Festival on Feb 23d - since "you're the only Chinese band in Panama City!". We are all excited you are playing our festival. Oh and I just purchased your 'brew' cd - nice mixture and fun as always!
Sorry about that, just an accident. Either way I love your music. Keep it up!
If it don't freeze, blow away or snow, I'll see ya saturday at Larry's.
I miss you guys and you're music at The Place. You're on iTunes! Awesome.
Great website. We have missed seeing you all. Sorry you won't be in Orlando. Maybe we'll see you in Tallahassee.
Howdy, y'all! Missed seeing you both at the rescheduled Folk Festival this year. Hope y'all're planning to come in May.
Hey, Y'all! Thanks for your talent and originality.
Hi ! Isn't it a small world! While researching on the net for a house in West Sligo, I have ended up on your site. So whats so the connection ? Well, I was one of the three guys who were keeping your seats warm (!) in McLynns Bar untill Donie and the rest of you guys started to play earlier this year. We had a great night! Hope to see you next year, when all going well, I will be living in Sligo full time. Cheers John
great site, all the pictures of Ireland made me a little home sick You guys really love music and that's wonderful. thank you so much for the review on cdbaby. all the best and hope to meet you some day. peter gabriel byrne
Hi, we are Pat Jordan's grandkids and just wanted to say nice website and hope you keep making music.
Wonderful website! It was a pleasure to meet you at the Art Coop and hear your music. Anytime you want a poetry "warm-up" act, let me know. Nonnie
just listened to cold black water and had to tell you I am blown away...beautiful. Sark misses you and your music, come and stay soon x
Hi Maggie & Mike, We enjoy your music & are proud to see you playing one of my mandolins & guitars.Hope you have many more years singing & playing your music.We liked seeing the pictures from Ireland & will show them to our friends from Canada who are originally from Ireland.
Well, I'm way behind the curve -- just found this semi-new site of yours. Looks great! Hey, we're almost neighbors now, since I moved to Graceville this past winter. 'Cepting I'm the sort of eccentric grumpy neighbor folks avoid...
Hey Maggie, Mike, and Greg. This is Amber and Richard from the Java Bar. We just wanted to let you guys know that you are so awesome (Irish peoples), and that Amber and Kristina (Amber's sister) can't wait to get started with the whole guitar lessons with you Maggie! =D Lucky Charms, Richard and Amber...and Kristina
Mike, Maggie and Greg, hey, your latest CD is great and I am greatfull for all of your music over the years and I still listen to those oter tracks on the lod BAMO CD's Hope you had a great trip to the isles this year and when is the next time that Ya'll will be in Texas Take care Randy L. Young
Hi Mike and Maggie and Greetings from your old(er) friend, John in Murrisk, Westport, Co. Mayo. Just a note to say how much Anne and I &Grainne and Niall, enjoyed your company and great talent during your 4th Irish tour.Great memories of Campbells, Geraghty's and JohnO's(3 ocassions!!)and last but by no measn least, that great session of talent in Donal McLynn's Pub in Sligo with Donal, Eoin Troy, Gerry Grennan and Philip Flynn. Now ready to start taking bookings for Tour No. 5. Greetings also to Greg and Missey, and see you all soon in Panama City,Florida, early July.Take care, John Tiernan,Murrisk Anne, Grainne and Niall McGrath, Ballinrobe, Ireland. PS. not forgetting the evening session in Neachtains Pub, Quay Street, Galway City. John
hi guys!!hope ye got back home safe and sound?just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our night out in Campbells, it will have to be repeated!we will be in touch again soon. love all your photos by the way, Denise & Sheila
Haven't seen you at Shenanigans lately! Miss you, hurry back to Tallahasse. Love your web site.
my wife jackie and i realy enjoyed your music friday night at the java club it was very relaxing and boy do i need to relax. you have a great trip to ireland and come back safe and sound so we can see you perform again,yours alan and jackie burns.
Lucky Mud has become a real "good" new habit for us. We love our Friday nights in the open air with ya'll at the Java in P.C. There just ain't no better entertainment or satisfying enjoyment like you get with friends and family and the luck of Lucky Mud. Can't get that music outta our heads throughout the week. Just makes us want more Friday nights with ya. Big Hugs!!!
It was sooooo good to see y'all tonight at the 'Java'... really missed y'all and your music and hugs!!!
Please send word as to when you will play in Tallahassee again! You are all loved and missed. We anxiously await your return.
It was a pleasure playing with you two at the Acoustic Roots Happening this past Saturday, hope to catch you next time you're in town!
We certainly enjoyed hangin' with you guys at Orlando. Hope to see you at Zephyrhills, we'll be there with the Wild Highlanders.
Mike, Maggie, and Greg, you guys are ten kinds of crazy (all of them good)! Wonderful music and even better spirit! We look forward to seeing you in person each year!
I am so glad I got to see you two again and Craig. Hopefully in the future we will be able to see eachother again and play together. You have a really good website too. I have enjoying the music while veiwing all the pictures you provided.
Happy New Year! Had no idea I would be in store for such a wonderful treat. The website, the music, and the photos are GREAT! Congratulations Maggie! Best Wishes, Tanisha Tampa, Fl
Sure missed doing the beach at St. Augustine with you all. It was perfect there. We must try again until it works. Love you guys & be seeing you soon, our love, Mert & DeAnna
Hi all. Sorry we've been amiss in communication. Figured I'd drop by and let you know we're still alive.
Enjoyed your beautiful web site and all the photos of your travels. Maggie, so nice to see you again. I hope we can get together soon for a visit. Peace & love for the holidays... Glenda
Hi! It was so wonderful to hear from you and to hear about your lovely rescued horses. It means so much to us here at Last Angel Horse and Pony Santuary to have your support. I wish you happiness and peace and all the best with your music. Yours for the horses Cathy Lane xx
It was great seeing you guys!! We are all home safe and sound. Miss the warm weather, it's pretty cold here! Hope to see you in Indiana sometime!! Love ya, Diane
Hi guys!! Mom turned me on to your site!! It's great! We'll all be down to see you and party soon!! Doug & Di
Hey, Great web site, everything going good. Sounds, songs, info, and pictures. See u around Oct 1, Miss you. Love Dee & Shirley
Great to see and hear ya'll at the Java Bar. The best way to spend Friday night is listening to the two of you (o.k. the three of you at times). Your songs are truly written and sung from the heart. If the love songs don't make you cry then ones like Pentacostal Hair will make laugh till tears flow. One thing about Lucky Mud, if there is ever a break from being entertained by Mike and Maggie, Greg is right there with his hi-jinx from out in the cheap seats. Keep up the great work and see ya'll on Friday night. Dave and Cyndee
Nice to see old friends again, we will see you all in two weeks. John & Fidelma
Hi Mike and Maggie and greetings from Murrisk and Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo from John T and Anne McGrath and all your fans and friends at 'Campbell's' The Tavern in Murrisk and 'JohnO's' in Ballinrobe. Got the new CD's and passed around. Many thanks. Also it was great to hear that you were featured again on the Michael Commins Show on 'Mid West Radio' here in Co. Mayo. Kepp up the good mussic and we are all looking forward to your next visit to Ireland. All our love, John and Anne.
Have a GREAT time at your CD release party!!! We'll be there in spirit and we'll be here happily listening to our copy of Slippery Slope! Peace & Love........
Greetings from Nova Scotia, Lovely site. We'll see you at the Java in December. Nice to hear your new stuff I have almost worn out the first CD. I'll pass this site on to friends.
Yesterday we heard "The Clown Song" from your "Slippery Slope" cd on Acoustic Interlude on WUWF radio in Pensacola. Hope it leads to tons of new fans for your wonderful music. We hope to get over to see you at the Java Bar in Panama City soon.
Seed those oyster beds, we're hoping to visit in early December.
I love this site! It's a distant second to seeing you guys in person, but I'll take what I can get here in Idaho. I would love to catch up with you guys - maybe in Ireland next year?
Maggie, Mike & Greg, Have missed you guys so much! I love the new music and all the photos. Am very jealous of your trips to Ireland and hope to go one day. Until then I'll keep visiting your site and share with you. Great work on the site. It's fabulous!
you guys are great i hope to see you soon
What a joy to hear your new releases! Lucky Mud captures the whole spectrum of emotional ranges, what it means to be human. The joys and sorrows of life, as well as a great dose of whimsey! You go, Lucky Mud!
Love the site, love your music so much. Your latest CD just might be my favorite, but I say that each time I play any of your Cds! Continued success to Lucky Mud!
You are truly the most talented people we know, & you make every visit a party! Now, with this awesome website, we can tell the world how much you guys rock:)
What a treat to be camping next to you at the Florida Folk Festival! Your music is wonderful, and your hearts and spirits are beautiful. Great website...looking forward to next year. Debbie & Laura
Great to see you at the Florida Folk Festival Memorial Day weekend! Can hardly wait camp with you again next year. Love your new CDs.
Beautiful website! I'm so glad it is here so I can "introduce" y'all to my husband. Hope to see you both again very soon. Amy
Found it! I just got back from our fabulous weekend at White Springs and I miss you guys already. That was a fun time. I can't wait to see your pictures! Ruthanne
Hey guys, I love the website and the pics are awesome. Hope to see you soon. Sonja
Great Website!!! Great photo's! Miss you! Joyceeeeeeeee
Hot Spit! What a great new website. What glorious music! Thanks for all that you do, Mike and Maggie and the others of Lucky Mud! Don't let the Irish steal you away!
Hi Maggie and Mike, checked out the website and loved it, hope when you come to visit us in the U.K and we take a trip to Edinburgh you will be able to add some more photo's, look forward to seeing you soon
Hello! I'm Ken Gaines' son, living here in Panama City (well Tyndall AFB actually) and he pointed me in your direction for some good local music contacts and just some good people to get to know. Have a blast in Ireland etc. hopefully I'll catch you around when you get back.
Hi Mike&Maggie. Delighted with your new website and a big Cead Mile Failte for your forthcoming visit to Ireland. All your fans and friends in Westport and Murrisk send their best wishes and looking forward to seeing you in action over her, very soon. Regards, John
Love the new format for the website and would especially appreciate some more of the fine photo work I have seen before. -Jim
MOST attractive web site with easy navigation. What do you do in your SPA?RE time! Will you add audio clips of your music at a later date?
Nice website, I like the stuff about the violinist!!!!!!

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